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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Late Blooming Fashionista

So, I guess you could say I have a little eye for style when it comes to fashion and decorating ... but that's only a recent development. Let me assure you that was not always the case.

During my childhood years I was prone to wearing my "favourite" outfit for weeks at a time (even if it was a long sleeve sweater dress with a figure skater silk screened on the front in the middle of August) and was too concerned with getting outside to play as fast as I could that there's actual documented evidence of me running around with my shoes on the wrong feet.

As a teenager, to say I was a fashion victim would be an understatement. I had no idea what was going on, in fact I distinctly remember shopping for my Grade 8 back-to-school clothes (the big high school debut) at Northern Reflections! If you don't know what Northern Reflections is, well lets just say it caters to the 40+ woman, not the 13 year old! I cringe thinking back at some of the horrible things I wore! The sad thing is that I'm pretty sure I even knew at the time that what I was wearing wasn't stylish and yet, I wore it anyway. (Silent tear for my former self)

Even in my early 20's I was a bit of a lost soul when it came to clothing, some things were hits and some were definitely misses. Then ... one year the long shirt and tunic came back into fashion and my world was transformed! Finally I figured out how to dress for my body type and voila! the late bloomer had a sense of fashion.

I've recently experienced a bit of a fashion setback though due to the birth of my wonderful daughter. Clearly my body didn't get the numerous memos I sent it during pregnancy that it should resume it's pre-pregnancy shape and size ASAP after Georgia was born. It's now four months later and the rumors that breastfeeding helps you lose weight faster have been a total bust ... but I remain hopeful! I'm still 4 sizes larger than normal which is heartbreaking because I have mounds of lovely clothes that don't fit and I'm not ready to throw in the towel, accept this post-baby body for what it is and replace my wardrobe in a larger size.

So, to lift my fashion spirits I have taken to window shopping online (get it? "window" shopping? Microsoft? never mind ...) complete with outfit planning courtesy of Polyvore. Here's my latest fantasy:

Oh happiness, in the form of clothes!


  1. I, also, have been coveting slouchy boots of late. And why? Where would I wear them? By the time it's cool enough around here to wear them, there's a foot of snow on the ground. Boo. I have also listed these shoes on my Etsy favourites list: I'm wondering if Wayne will freak if I buy them. Probably. :( Again, where would I wear them?

  2. LOVE those shoes Meg! Would Wayne freak once he sees how hot they look with a little pencil skirt?? hee hee